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Nanjing Ningbo Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd. is a specialized technology company integrating research, production and sales into one. The company has a scientific research team engaged in instrument research and development equipment for years as well as a group of innovative and faithful production and sales personnel.

Our products are widely used in iron & steel, metallurgy, machinery, foundry, building, chemical, transportation, mining and other industries and quality supervision departments to determine the content of carbon, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, copper, titanium, zinc, magnesium, rare earth, tin, lead, cadmium, nitrogen, niobium, vanadium, tungsten, aluminum and other elements in industrial materials. The instruments are of a wide measurement scope, complete functions, high precision, and the special orders of users are accepted.

Our company always adheres to the business tenet of "people oriented, technological innovation" and the business philosophy of "customer first, service oriented". We adopts first-class technologies, develops first-class products, forms a first-class network and provides first-class services.

To better serve you, our company solemnly promises:

Free onsite installation, commissioning and training of laboratory technicians;

Free agent consignment, the company is responsible for the damage on the way;

Help to build laboratories and provide chemical analysis methods for free;

Provide three guarantees for instruments for a year and life-long service; for old customers purchasing products again, provide three guarantees for instruments for two years; provide 24-hour response for user questions.

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